CAMTAG are undertaking two Surveys which are vitally important in obtaining residents' views of LTN21.

The Interim Survey commenced on 29th March and is online only. More than 80 CAMTAG Volunteers are delivering leaflets to more than 5,500 households inside and on the border of LTN21. The leaflet contains details of how to access the online survey and provide their feedback by answering a number of key questions. It is anticipated that results from this survey will be available towards the end of April.

If any LTN21 residents have not received an Interim Survey leaflet by 6th April please email us via the button here.

Please note that the closing date for submissions is Friday 16th April.

Our Full Survey will take place during June and July. This time our team of volunteers will conduct door-to-door questionnaire visits to all of the LTN inner and border area households. We are anticipating an even higher level of participation in this Survey as we will facilitate postal and online submissions where we are unable to achieve a face-to-face interview.

These two Surveys will be undertaken with the highest possible levels of integrity. All necessary security protocols and data compliance obligations will be fulfilled. We will welcome the views of every resident regardless of whether they are for or against LTN21.

The results will be analysed and published to all interested parties. Most importantly they will form the cornerstone of CAMTAG's submission to Ealing Council in the statutory public consultation considering LTN21 which closes in August this year.

During the processes outlined above CAMTAG will maintain close liaison with residents, the media (local and social), Councillors and MP's to ensure that they understand our objectives, methodology and at an appropriate time the outputs from our Survey work.

We will also be undertaking a project concerned with gaining local business views and opinions of LTN21. Details of this are scheduled to be released soon.