Map of LTN21

In August 2020 Ealing Council imposed a number of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods including LTN21 (West Ealing South). These LTNs were defined by the placing of road barriers across strategic junctions.

The Coldershaw and Midhurst Traffic Action Group (CAMTAG) was formed at that time to challenge Ealing Council on the imposition of the new traffic system in the LTN21 area as we believed the fundamental design of the scheme was both wrong and ineffective. Our primary aim was to ensure that residents within LTN21 had an effective route to communicate their views to the Council. Over 100 volunteers were recruited to assist our efforts.

In May 2021 Ealing Council decided to revoke the LTN21 traffic order and the barriers were removed. Subsequently it was proposed that a small and distinct area in the North West of LTN21 (Deans/Montague) would have a new traffic system implemented, but only after consultation with local residents. The impact of this scheme on the rest of the LTN 21 area was considered to be minimal.

As CAMTAG has achieved our primary ambition we are currently considering our future role. Further news will be published on this site when available. In the meantime we continue to function as an operating organisation so should you wish to contact us please send us an email via

Additionally should you wish to access the results of the LTN21 survey we undertook in April 2021 they are still available here:

CAMTAG 3rd October 2021