In August 2020 Ealing Council installed, without consultation, a “Low Traffic Neighbourhood” Scheme consisting of 11 roadblocks across the area known as “LTN21”.

CAMTAG was founded by LTN21 residents who were concerned that this badly designed scheme could have a seriously adverse effect on our neighbourhood, disrupting the lives of many residents, including the most vulnerable, and actually increasing congestion and pollution.

The purpose of CAMTAG is to gather views and experiences of residents, both for and against, and present them to Ealing Council as part of the statutory consultation they have to undertake.

This appeal is to fund the activities CAMTAG will be conducting to establish the opinions of all residents in LTN21 and surrounding roads. We are currently undertaking an Online only Interim Survey and then as the consultation period draws to a close in early Summer we will carry out a comprehensive Full Survey using primarily door-to-door visits supported by postal and online options.

Although we are relying mainly on volunteer effort there are other necessary costs (printing, software, post etc) required to deliver these high-quality Surveys that are protected from outside manipulation and reflect the views from different parts of LTN21.

We have set a target of £3,500 as the total project cost and hope that you will consider contributing to this expenditure. This is the link:

Ealing Council is not listening. Please help us to ensure the voices of LTN21 residents are heard.

John Townley

Assistant Co-ordinator, CAMTAG