The Coldershaw and Midhurst Traffic Action Group (CAMTAG) is composed of residents within the area of the traffic scheme named ’Local Traffic Neighbourhood: West Ealing South: LTN 21’. The scheme was defined in the ‘Ealing (West Ealing LTN) (No.1) Experimental Traffic Order 2020. LTN 21 was installed in August 2020 and contains 11 road blocks. The four founders of CAMTAG first met at a meeting to discuss LTNs in Coldershaw Road on 2 August 2020.

Our founding objective was to collect information, notably on what residents think about LTN 21, circulate information and prepare honest analysis of the claims that are being made about this and other schemes. We are took this action because each of us believed that there were serious flaws in the scheme contained in the Experimental Traffic Order made last August. However our fundamental commitment is to ensure that the voices of residents are heard regardless of whether they are for or against the implementation of LTN 21.

Ealing Council have announced changes to the LTN 21 which are expected to be introduced in the second half of February 2021, but we take the view that the very limited changes do not address the fundamental flaws in the original scheme. The effect of Ealing Council introducing new Orders is to extend the statutory consultation period into August 2021.

CAMTAG has grown to a network of more than eighty Volunteers, co-ordinated by a Committee which has developed plans for a comprehensive, neutral survey of the views and experiences of residents in the LTN 21 area. The CAMTAG Constitution may be viewed here: The CAMTAG Constitution.

We are not opposed to sensible measures which reduce the nuisance and environmental impact of traffic in our area. However, we are concerned that the present approach will actually increase pollution and degrade our environment. Moreover, the way the scheme has been introduced seems likely to cause unfair disadvantage to those who have no option to use a car – the elderly, disabled or infirm and those who need a car for their livelihood - as well as impacting many of our local businesses.

We are currently in the process of establishing the views and opinions of LTN21 residents living in over 5,500 households by means of an online Interim Survey. In June and July we plan to conduct a comprehensive Full Survey involving door-to-door face-to-face interviews. This exercise will be held close to the end of the Council's extended public consultation period.

CAMTAG is supported by well- established local residents groups namely Boston Manor Residents Association, Hanwell Community Forum and West Ealing Neighbours. We also liaise with the OneEaling Campaign Group, which has developed from the Ealing Residents Against Low Traffic Neighbourhoods Facebook Group.