Map of LTN21

Ealing Council have imposed a number of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs). One of these effectively draws a roadblock barrier across the spine of our area, Coldershaw and Midhurst Roads, as well as severing the link between Leighton Road and Northfield Avenue. This area is referred to as LTN21 or West Ealing (South).

Unlike the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods established in many other parts of the country, the LTN21 area is huge, encompassing close to 80 different roads. The 11 barriers installed in the original Scheme create in effect seven separate sectors.

The Coldershaw and Midhurst Traffic Action Group has been formed to challenge Ealing Council on their implementation of this new traffic system in our area. For many reasons we believe that the fundamental design of the LTN21 scheme is wrong. We were unable to halt the installation of the roadblocks which took place on 26th August 2020, but on 29 September 2020 CAMTAG joined with other Ealing LTN groups in a legal challenge to those Orders. This has led the Council to issue new Orders, including for LTN21, and as a consequence to extend the public consultation period to August 2021.

The new LTN Order addresses some of the problems in the old Scheme - in particular restrictions on emergency services access and some of the impact on disabled residents. However, in the view of most residents it does not appear that the fundamental flaws have been removed. And for some parts of the LTN21 area the situation has potentially worsened.

CAMTAG’s objective is therefore to gather the views and experiences of all residents and businesses affected by the LTN 21 Scheme and then present those views and experiences to Ealing Council. Only by doing this will we be able to persuade the Council – or the Courts – to modify the LTN21 Scheme in a way that a majority of residents in each of the LTN21 sectors will find acceptable.

CAMTAG neither condones nor encourages acts of vandalism associated with the LTN barriers. However, these incidents are clearly an indication of the extreme anger being expressed by some people to the imposition of LTN21, which was done without justification or consultation.